Photo de famille Yvecourt
Tampon yvecourt

a tale of transmission

From father to son…

The Mau family has been passing on its traditions and expertise for four generations.
It all began in 1897 when Aristide Mau, a son and grandson of winegrowers, founded his company in Entre-Deux-Mers at Gironde-Sur-Dropt.
His son Yvon then made his mark with his own choices, which were both strategic and true to his values, and with his appearance…

Little tales
make big stories

From Aristide Mau…
… To Yvon Mau

Yvon was just 14 years old when he took over from his father, who was called to the front lines of the war. He roamed the Entre-Deux-Mers vineyards on his penny farthing to select his wines.
And why a penny farthing? Because the horses were requisitioned during the First World War.

Yvon Mau selected iconic grape varieties from Entre-Deux-Mers to create a wine that reflected him. His vision was simple: his Bordeaux needed to be generous, accessible, popular, and true to itself.

His family held true to this same approach when, in 1976, they decided to pay tribute to him by creating a range of Bordeaux wines called Yvecourt.

A Bordeaux wine with no vintage effect: the first ‘generic’ wine, created by blending different wines from various winegrowers and sold under the appellation of its home region of Bordeaux.

Yvon Mau, fondateur Yvecourt
Aristide Mau, Yvecourt

Yvecourt and its values
have come from its creators
for more than 45 years

Accessibilité, valeurs Yvecourt depuis 45 ans
Authenticité, valeurs Yvecourt depuis 45 ans
Pictogramme feuille de vigne Yvecourt


A brand that is close to people
which aims to offer a supple and fruity Bordeaux wine, without vintage variation and accessible to all.


A sincere wine true to its origins and values, inspiring generosity and conviviality.


Quality wine ensured through the passing down of expertise from generation to generation and a close, longstanding relationship with loyal winegrower partners year after year.


A simple, accessible, convivial wine that reflects as many people as possible and creates unanimity.

Pictogramme horloge Yvecourt
Partage, valeurs Yvecourt depuis 45 ans
Populaire, valeurs Yvecourt depuis 45 ans


Yvecourt wines astonish us with their generosity and ability to reflect anyone and everyone. They showcase French expertise and an expression of the Bordeaux terroir: for more than 45 years, Yvecourt has epitomised Bordeaux wines with absolute humility and simplicity.

Pictogramme champs de vigne Yvecourt

Whether red, white or rosé, a comprehensive range is on offer to all, presenting a straightforward, fruity and authentic Bordeaux.

To open a bottle of Yvecourt is to discover or rediscover a Bordeaux wine that is consistent and sincere, delightful and deliciously popular!